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Francisco Brescó, thanks to the company has the great great grandson of the first Brescó chocolatier, Xavier, who with his 16 years decided to continue the family tradition and drop out the studies to deepen the profession and grow in this world of chocolate.

We are pleased to have on our team with the great master chocolatier Luís Morera, , which in recent years has joined the company and has guided Xavier Brescó to improve and consolidate in this field.

Significant is the presence ofImma Brescówho has chosen to integrate well, along with his mother Imma Cascalló, current Chocolates Brescó manager, in order to raise awareness of our products beyond our country and influence the international market.

The total staff of our company consists of 15 people of which are dedicated to the production staff, others engaged in sales, office and marketing tasks, investments, purchasing and accounting, all with the goal of providing the best service to our customers.