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Biting this delicious blend of almond toast stick with sugar, powder cream and vanilla, will delight and surprise you irresistible once... And this also has dark chocolate on your base!


Pistachio pot with dark chocolate. Content of the pot 100g.


Suggestive mix of olive oil of this area with our chocolate “a la piedra”, flavored with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, as well as having a pinch of salt and lemon


Delicious caramelized almonds, coated with a thin layer of white chocolate, other dark chocolate over and a little bitter cocoa


Chocolate Medallions with 52% cocoa. Small portions of dark chocolate melting in your palate


With this amount is preparing a liter of delicious chocolate thinned with milk or water. Taste it! Do enjoy your friends


More balanced chocolate in cocoa and sugar portion. 350g of 52% extra super chocolate


Handmade chocolate unrefined, earthy and a little special to dissolve. 350g of containing 65% cocoa


200gr of Delicious orange cut chocolate coated black with 70% cocoa. Do blow your senses with this delicious blend