The bakery, Benabarre

Sit in our cafeteria and enjoy an unforgettable hot cup chocolate in winter.

Do you prefer spongy biscuits, or a freshly made ensaimada, or better a good croissant? If the heat starts, savor our exquisite chocolate shake alone or with cream. We have the widest assortment of chocolates. From the most traditional: 3 almonds in milk or black, walnut, coffee, cinnamon etc … even the most innovative: explosive, tequila-lemon, vinegar of Modena, etc.

What do you prefer, sweet, smooth, bitter, sugar-free chocolates? Or do you want to taste a bit of ginger, orange, papaya? Think a little and let yourself be carried away by your senses. Take a tour of our exclusive exhibition. Do you already know what to give?

Have you seen our unforgettable boxes and presentations? Amazing! Enjoy also Somontano wines. A chosen sample of the best wines of our area.

In this new headquarters are joined the quality and craftsmanship of the old workplaces, as well as the existence of an impressive chocolate factory to enjoy and taste all our products, both open to the public


National Highway, 230 Km. 68

22580 BENABARRE (Huesca)

Tel. 974 54 30 08


From Monday to Sunday
Mornings: from 9am to 2pm
Afternoons: from 4pm to 8pm
(Wednesday closed)

Benabarre Chocolate shop

To the traveler eager for wisdom and who has decided to stop in our beloved town, we recommend you to enter and be carried away by the aromas and the delights prepared by the chocolatier of the house. Decide and be delighted with the great variety of chocolates sold at home Brescó. Do you have a little bit of your precious time? Go back to a time past where manual efforts, perseverance and the art of making chocolate surprise you. In the old workshop located in this shop, you will see the utensils with which stone chocolate was made in the 17th century. How much history behind each instrument!


C / Mayor, 11

22580 BENABARRE (Huesca)

Tel. 974 54 30 08


Monday & Sunday
Mornings: from 9am to 2pm

Friday & Saturday
From 9am to 2pm & from 5pm to 8pm

(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday closed for holidays)