In 1830, the sugarer Francisco Brescó, after a long journey from Alentorn (Lleida) reached Benabarre population in order to practice their profession in this area. In Aragon not only found a place where you carry out your passion for chocolate, also met the heiress of the Escolà family, who in a few years married. Six years later, in the context of confiscation conducted by Mendizabal that started in 1836, Brescó-Escolà family, now fully settled in the population, decide to purchase a portion of the second escolapio convent in Benabarre at public auction, that will be used to host the Brescó chocolate factory.

It is in this moment that we can say that starts the long family tradition of master chocolatiers in the same place he started our predecessor and, still today, still being developed very prized chocolates. After the decease of Francisco Brescó (2003), ), the family has continued to investigate and develop many products, now in the new building, located in the N-230, km. 68.

In this new headquarters bind the quality and craftsmanship of the old bakeries, and the existence of an impressive chocolate shop to taste and enjoy all our products, both open to the public.

During the 18th century, chocolate was made by the Chocolate Mestres almost exclusively by hand, with tools such as those that can now be contemplated in the Museum of the Obrador of the s. XVIII, located in the Brescó house, in the center of Benabarre, next to the church.

Chocolate was made with 60% cocoa and added sugar and spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. It was a chocolate designed to taste the melt and without adding milk, water or flour. He was melted only with the heat of the fireplace and he was drinking. As you can imagine, this chocolate was a product of expensive elaboration, which is why it was reserved for the wealthiest classes and the Church. Chocolate also prepared a cheaper chocolate type for the most humble classes. This consisted of sugar in a proportion of 50%, and the remaining 50% was sugar with some cocoa and the most abundant species at that time: cinnamon and vanilla. The use of this other chocolate was very different from the chocolate to the stone we make today, because it was designed for the most successful people. Chocolate with flour required to be boiled with milk or water, depending on the economic power of the asymmetry, and was thicker, thus becoming the chocolate powder in Spanish.

At the moment the development of the company follows the route initiated by the great-grandfrian Francisco Brescó, Brescó thanks to the fact that the company includes between its staff the rebesnét of the first Brescó chocolater, Xavier, that with 16 years decided to continue with the familiar tradition for Deepen in the craft chocolate chip.

We are pleased to count on our team with the great chocolate master Luís Morera, who in recent years has joined the company and has led Xavier Brescó to improve and strengthen in this field of work.

The presence of Imma Brescó, who has chosen to integrate, along with his mother Imma Cascalló, current manager of Chocolates Brescó, is significant in order to publicize our products beyond our country and to influence the international market

The total staff of our company consists of fifteen people of which there are personnel dedicated to the production, others dedicated to the sale, to the office for tasks of marketing, investors, purchases and accounting … all with the company, common goal of guaranteeing the best service to our clients and offering the best quality without renouncing our history and crafts.


Lluís Morera Guirao, born on July 27, 1946 in Barcelona, ​​has become an illustrious reboster and exceptional technician in chocolates, a member of the Chain de Rotisseurs.

Since at the age of fifteen he decided to start in this trade, he has visited many countries and recognized bakeries of Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Copenhagen, Updevalla (Sweden), etc. At twenty-seven years he managed to open his own business in the city of Terrassa (Barcelona), where thanks to his exceptional creativity, passion and perseverance, he made his work something to enjoy. His pioneering systems for making Easter chocolates and figures have led him to be Chocolate and Chocolate Master Chocolate technician for 20 years. In 1990, thanks to his revolutionary technique in the manufacture of artisanal chocolates, he managed to get interested in one of the leading companies in Spain in the sector, Chocolates Valor, where he still continues to act as a collaborator.

In 2004, he managed to be enrolled in the Guiness Record, having made the largest chocolate-molded heart, 7,000 Kg filled by Plaza Colón, in the center of Madrid. From that year he joined the Brescó Chocolates family in Benabarre (Huesca), with the aim of starting a new project.

Leaving aside for his passion, he continues to create chocolates, making his famous Easter Monkeys, as well as his fine and elegant pastries. His philosophy of life has led him to the forefront of his trade.